Thunder is a god worshiped by Hengist and his people in Lawman’s Brut, being connected to Thursday and counting as one of the Planetary Gods.

The Middle English form of the name is actually Þunre (Thunre) which is also the normal Middle English form of the word Thunder. The Old English form is Þunor (Thunor). The old Norse form is Þórr (Thórr), usually Anglicized as Thor.

The supposed Germanic form of the name was Þunraz (Thunraz). Latin writers refer to a Germanic god who is to be identified with Latin Jove or Latin Hercules and who bears a club. The Old Norse Thor is a red-bearded god who bears a hammer which return to his hands once thrown, apparently the thunderbolt. Thor appears to have been the most worshipped of the Old Norse gods.

Lawman does not explicitly identify his Thunre with his Jove/Jupiter but the identification is commonly made in other texts.

Some Name VariationsEdit

ENGLISH: Þunor, Þunre, Þonre; OLD NORSE: Þórr.

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