The Tristan Riccardiano (preserved in MS 2543 of the Biblioteca Riccardiana in Florence) is an Italian adaptation of a portion of the Prose Tristan, dated to c. 1280–1300, covering the romance from the beginning of the reign of King Mark to Tristan’s meeting with the knight who follows the Yelping Beast in the Forest of Darnantes, corresponding approximate to Löseth’s § 19–58 and § 71a–74a.

The work contains some adventures not found in extant versions of the medieval French versions and it is debated whether these adventures were perhaps early episodes found in French versions previous to the V.I version of the Prose Tristan as it survives in French, or whether they inventions of a particular scribe.

The work contains odd corruptions or replacements of personal names.


Italian Text OnlyEdit

Italian Text and English TranslationEdit

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