Il Tristano panchiatichiano is the name of a 14th century Italian manuscript containing an assortment of material, almost all of it from standard prose Arthurian sources, and most of that from the Prose Tristan. The manuscript formerly belonged to the important Panciatichi family in Florence.

The manuscript contains the following as broken down in Gloria Allaire’s edition:

1. The Quest for the Holy Grail
The first half of the standard Vulgate Quest grail story, differing only in that the Holy Grail does not appear in Arthur’s court born by unseen hands. Instead, the Holy Grail appears on the horns of a white stag tied with four golden chains, each held by a single man.
The story ends with the discourse of the first hermit who counsels Lancelot.
2. Two Love Letters
Model love letters, one from a lady to her lover and one from a lover to his lady. The text is not found elsewhere.
3. The story of Tristan: From his Birth to the False News of his Death
This is a beginning of the story of Tristan based mainly on the Tristano Riccardiano version but with some differences.
4. The Death of King Arthur
This is actually two unrelated fragments. The first contains some adventures of the Knight of the Ill-Cut Coat, most of which are found in Löseth § 71–73 but are not found in the version of the Prose Tristan edited by Renée L. Curtis. In this account Lancelot meets again the form Lord of the Dolorous Gard and they eventually become friends.

This is followed by episodes from the Mort Artu from its beginning to the end of the single combat between Lancelot and Mador.
5. The Story of Tristan: The Tournament at Loverzerp
This is a complete account of the Loverzerp tournament from the Prose Tristan, breaking off soon after the end of the tournament.
6. The Story of Tristan: Last Exploits and Death of the Lovers
This is the normal end of the Prose Tristan from Tristan riding with Hector of the Fens to the end of the romance.


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