The Battles of King ArthurEdit

Nennius's twelve battles

  • The first battle was at the mouth of the river called Glein
  • The second, third, the fourth and the fifth were on another river, called the Dubglas, which is in the region of Linnuis
  • The sixth battle was on the river called Bassas
  • The seventh battle was in the Caledonian Forest, that is, the Battle of Cat Coit Celidon
  • The eighth battle was in Guinnon fort, and in it Arthur carried the image of the holy Mary, the everlasting virgin, on his shield, and the pagans were put to flight on that day, and through the power of Jesus Christ and the power of the virgin Mary there was great slaughter
  • The ninth battle was in the City of the Legion
  • The tenth battle was on the bank of the river called Tribruit
  • The eleventh battle was on the hill called Agned
  • The twelfth battle was on Badon Hill and on which fell 960 men from one charge by Arthur; and no-one struck them struck them down save Arthur himself

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