The Quest of the Holy Grail charts relate events in the medieval French romance commonly known as the Vulgate Quest and in other romances based on it which vary the relation of events.

The order of telling mainly follows the Post-Vulgate Quest account which breaks up some of the threads followed in the Vulgate Quest for more chronological precision. Versions of the Quest, including that in Sir Thomas Malory’s Le Morte d’Arthur, which essentially retell the standard Vulgate Quest are placed in that column to keep the number of columns to a minimum.

The Galahad quest of manuscript 12599 which appears in Löseth 293_a–298_a is too confused to include in these charts.

I currently do not have access to volume 2 of Fanni Bogdanow’s edition of the Post-Vulgate Quest and have instead referenced Martha Asher’s translation of the same work in Noris J. Lacy’s Lancelot-Grail.


  B Fanni Bogdanow, (Ed.) La version Post-Vulgate de la quest del Saint Graal et de la mort Artu
  L E. Löseth, Le Roman en prose de Tristan
  Mal. Thomas Malory, Le Morte d’Arthur
  PVQ Post-Vulgate Quest
  S H. Oskar Sommer, The Vulgate version of the Arthurian romances
  TaR Tavola Ritonda
  TrP Tristano panciatichiano
  V.I Prose Tristan Version I
  V.II Prose Tristan Version II
  VQ Vulgate Quest

Introduction to the Quest for the Holy GrailEdit

Introduction to the Quest for the Holy Grail
Arthur talks with Bademagu 390b–391 IV.1.91–95 VII.XVI.90–91
Lancelot knights Galahad at a nunnery. QG 1abα; TrP 1aα; Mal. XIII.1 392 a a VII.XVI.92–93₃₁ CVIIIaβ
Lancelot discovers new writing on the Perilous Seat. Arthur awaits an adventure. QG 1bβ; TrP 1aβ; Mal. XIII.2a 392 a b 74aα IV.1.96–97 VII.XVI.93₃₂₋₇₀ CVIIIaβ
A knight slays himself. 392 a b 74aα IV.1.98–103 VII.XVI.94–100
The sword in the floating stone. QG 2; TrP 1bα; Mal. XIII.2b–3a 392 a b 74aαbα IV.1.98–103 VII.XVI.94–100
Erec son of Lac and Helain son of Bohort are admitted to the Round Table. 74bβ
Galahad sits in the Siege Perilous, draws the sword from the floating stone, and defeats almost all other Round Table knights in a tournament. QG 3–5a; TrP 1bβ; Mal. XIII.3b–6 393b–394a 75 IV.1.104–106 IV.1.108–109 CVIIIbβ–CIXa
Tristan arrives at court and is told of Galahad’s deeds. 394b; 394 a b 76aα IV.1.107 VII.XVI.106₁₃₋₃₀
The knights feed from the Grail and vow to go in quest for it. QG 5b–6aα; TrP 31bβ–15; Mal. XIII.7–8aα 395–396a 76aβb IV.1.108–109 VII.XVI.107–113 CIX–CXa
The damsel with the bleeding sword. 77 VII.XVI.114
Preparations for the quest. QG 8a; TrP 16; Mal. XIII.8aβ–8bα 397–398 78–79a IV.III.110 VII.XVI.115₁₋₂₅ CXbα
At the castle of Vagan. QG 8b; TrP 17; Mal. XIII.8bβ 397 a 79b IV.III.111₁₋₇ VII.XVI.115₂₅₋₅₁ CXbα

First Adventures of GalahadEdit

First Adventures of Galahad
Bademagu wrongly takes a shield from an abbey and is wounded by a white knight. Galahad takes the shield and is told its history by the white knight. QG 9–10; TrP 18–27; Mal. XIII.9–11bα 398 a a 80abα VI.XVIII.116–120 CXbβ
Galahad lifts a tombstone and expels a demon. He dubs his squire Meliant. Meliant and Galahad separate. QG 11; TrP 28–36; Mal. XIII.11bβ–12 80bβ–82aα VI.XVIII.120₅₂–123
Meliant is wounded in battle. A monk explains the meaning of the adventure. QG 12abα; TrP 37–42aα; Mal. XIII.13–14bα 82aβb VI.XXI.124–127₆
Galahad and Yvain the Adulterate are guests of Dalides’ father. Dalides and his father kill themselves. 83
Adventures of Galahad, Gawain, Dodinel, Bohort, and Kay. The Bizarre Beast. The white stag. 84
Yvain the Adulterate and Girflet wounded by the Knight of the Questing Beast. Dodinel and Asgares the Sad wounded by Tristan. 85
Galahad and Bohort in the house of King Brutus whose daughter kills herself for love of Galahad. 86
Galahad and Bohort chase the Questing Beast and meet Palamedes and his father Esclabor the Unknown. 87
Galahad battles seven brother knights at the Castle of Maidens. QG 13; TrP 41aβ–49; Mal. XIII.14bβ–15 398 a b VI.XXI.127₆–129
Gawain, Gaheriet, and Yvain slay the seven brother knights. A hermit explains the meaning of the adventure. QG 14; TrP 50–56; Mal. XIII.16 VI.XX.130–132

Adventures of Tristan in the quest according to Tavola Ritondo.Edit

Adventures of Tristan in the quest according to Tavola Ritondo.
Tristan and Lancelot slay many knights and three giants but are beaten in a tournament by Galahad. CXI
Tristan and Lancelot slay two giants in the Perilous Valley. Lancelot rests to heal his wounds. CXII
Tristan meets Palamedes and they agree to fight at Merlin’s Stone. Palamedes for fear does not come but Tristan meets Lancelot who chances to come there. Tristan is apparently killed by the wizard knight Fellone who imprisons Lancelot but eventually defeats Fellone. CXIII–CXIV
Tristan and Lancelot slay Count Sebio and Christen his followers. Tristan and Lancelot separate. CXVabα

Adventures of Gawain in the questEdit

Adventures of Gawain in the quest
Yvain of Cenel is slain by King Pellinor’s kin. Gawain evades the trap and is blamed by Yvain of Cenel’s sister. 88
Gawain kills Patrides. 89
Adventures of Hector of the Fens, Helain the White, Gawain, King Bademagu, Yvain of Cenel’s sister and the Knight of the Questing Beast. 90
Helain sees visions in a chapel which he relates to Gawain and Bohort. 91a
Gawain and Hector meet and decide to travel together. QG 45; Mal. XVI.1aα 91ba
Gawain and Hector are puzzled by strange visions. QG 46; Mal. XVI.1aβ–2a 91bβ
Gawain kills Yvain the Adulterate in single combat. QG 47; Mal. XVI.2b–3aα 92aα
The hermit Nascien explains Gawain and Hector’s visions. QG 48–49; Mal. XVI.3aβ–5 92aβb

Adventures of Tristan in the questEdit

Adventures of Tristan in the quest
Tristan meets Helys who is also in love with Yseult. Then Palamedes turns up and then Dinadan and then Galahad who battles Tristan. Discovering who they have been fighting, both make peace. Tristan lies wounded for two months and sends Dinadan to Joyous Gard to inform Yseult of his whereabouts. 399–406 IV.III.110–187 VII.I.1–37
Yseult reads the letter and sends one in return. Tristan will not fight Claudin who is defending a bridge as he has already agreed to fight for a damsel. Meanwhile, at Joyous Gard, Gawain appears and insults Yseult and is unhorsed by Erec. 407–421 IV.III.188–251 VII.I.38–54
Erec, aided by Galahad, Bliobleheris, and Hector, slays Senehar, the enemy of his hostess Enide, and takes her to wife. 422–435; 437 a IV.IV.252–287
Eugenes of Gaul attaches himself to Galahad. Galahad defeats Claudin. 436–440; 438 a IV.V.288–331
Warned of an ambush by Assanon the brother of Senehar, Galahad, alone defeats forty knights and kills Assanon. but is captured by Brehu the Merciless. One of his squires escapes. 441–443 IV.VI.332–358 VII.II.55–67
Tristan defends his damsel against Palamedes. 444 IV.VII.359–397 VII.III.68–84
Tristan is imprisoned by a knight whose son he has killed. Palamedes rescues him. 445 IV.VIIÍ.398–IX.416 VII.IV.85–V.98 CXVI
Eugenes rescues Galahad. Then battles between Galahad with Tristan and Palamedes are interrupted. 446–449 IV.X.417–XI.456 VII.VI.99–VII.119
Tristan accompanies the Knight of the Red Shield who is unknown to him and who is to fight a battle on behalf of his brother. Brehu the Merciless flees from Gawain. 450–474 V.1–72 VII.VII.120–183
The Knight of the Red Shield borrows Tristan’s sword, shield, and helm for his duel with Lancelot. Another knight is revealed to be guilty and the duel is called off. The Knight of the Red Shield reveals himself to be Brunor the Black. They return to Joyous Gard. Palamedes joins them. 475–488 V.73–116 VII.IX.184–238 Caα
Lancelot, believing Tristan intended to battle him, in turn intends to kill Tristan. Learning the truth he makes peace with Tristan. 489–490 V.117–123 Caβb–CI
War between Ireland and North Wales involving Tristan and Lancelot. 492–493aα V.124–127 CII–CIV
Further adventures of Tristan. 493aβb V.128

Perceval and LancelotEdit

Perceval and Lancelot
Galahad meets with Palamedes. 494–495 V.129–136 VIII.I.1–10
Variant accounts of Lancelot’s path to repentance. 96–101
Galahad strikes down Lancelot and Perceval in the sight of a recluse. Lancelot follows after Galahad and Perceval seeks the recluse. QG 15aα; TrP 57–59; Mal. XIII.17a 496 102 VIII.II.11–12
Lancelot sees a knight in a chapel healed by the grail. QG 15aβb; TrP 60–65; Mal. XIII.17b–18 497a VIII.II.13–17
Further on Lancelot’s path to repentance. QG 16–19; TrP 66–88; Mal. XIII.19–20 497b 103 VIII.II.18–27
Perceval learns that the recluse is his aunt. She advises him. QG 20–23; Mal. XIV.1–2 498 105 VIII.III.28–36 CXVIIaα
Perceval sees Mordrain and is told his history. QG 24–25; Mal. XIV.3–4aα 499aα VIII.III.37–41
Perceval is rescued by Galahad. QG 26a; Mal. XIV.4aβbα 499aβ 106abα VIII.III.42 CXVIIaβ
Perceval escapes from a demonic horse. QG 26b–28aα; Mal. XIV.4bβ–6aα 499bα VIII.III.43–47 CXVIIbα
Perceval refuses to knight a squire. 106bβ
Perceval and Gawain are defeated by the former squire who has been knighted by Tristan. 107
Perceval, Gawain and Claudin. 108
Perceval resists temptation from a damsel and enters a mystical ship. QG 28aβ–33; Mal. XIV.6aβ–10 499bβ 109 VIII.III.48–66 CXVIIbβ
Lancelot is given more counselling. QG 34–43a; Mal. XV.1–5 500abα VIII.IV.67–94
Lancelot is advised by a damsel/recluse and defeated by a mysterious black knight. QG 43b; Mal. XV.6 500bβ 104 VIII.IV.95–99

Adventures of Bohort in the questEdit

Adventures of Bohort in the quest
Bohort and Galahad meet Palamedes who overthrows Bohort. Galahad follows Palamedes. 93aα
Bohort is counselled by a monk. QG 50–51bα; Mal. XVI.6abα 93aβ VIII.V.100–103 CXVIIIaα
Bohort sees a pelican sacrifice itself for its young. QG 51bβ; Mal. XVI.6abβ CXVIIIaβ VIII.V.104–107
Bohort battles Priadan the Black for a maiden and defeats him. QG 52–54; Mal. XVI.7–9aα 501aα VIII.V.108–109
Bohort rescues a maiden instead of his brother Lionel. QG 55; Mal. XVI.9aβ–10aα 501aβ 93b VIII.V.100–103 CXVIIIbα
Bohort finds the supposed body of Lionel and is counselled by a claimed priest. QG 56; Mal. XVI.10aβ–11a VIII.V.113–114
How Lionel was saved by a miracle. 94
Bohort refuses to give himself to a beautiful woman. Bohort is advised by an abbot. QG 57–59; Mal. XVI.11b–13 501aβ VIII.V.115–121 CXVIIIbβ–CXIXabα
Bohort refuses to fight Lionel who attacks him. Lionel slays Calogrenant who comes to Bohort’s aid. QG 60–62a; Mal. XVI.14–17aα 501bα 95abα VIII.V.122–127
Bohort meets Perceval in the ship. QG 62b; ; Mal. XVI.17aβb 501bβ 95bβ VIII.V.122–127 CXIXabβ

Some adventures of GalahadEdit

Some adventures of Galahad
Galahad cools the Boiling Spring where Lancelot had killed two lions. QG 80aβ 502abα B 577–580 VIII.VI–VII.130
Helain the White meets Galahad. 502bβ VIII.VII.131–133
Galahad at a tournament where he badly wounds Gawain (and wounds Tristan). QG 63a; Mal. XVII.1abα 503 110aβb VIII.VIII

Advenures unique to the Post-VulgateEdit

Advenures unique to the Post-Vulgate
Gawain and his brothers at Morgain’s house learn that Lancelot and Guenevere are having an affair. 111
Mordred brutally kills a maiden. Bademagu wounds Mordred. Gawain wounds Bademagu mortally. 112
The Death of King Bademagu. Meraugis fights Gawain. Erec makes peace. 113
Erec and Meraugis with a maiden free Castle Celis and Erec’s sister. 114
Erec is forced by his word to kill his sister. 115
Erec mourns his sister. 116
Meraugis and Hector look for Erec. 117
Erec incurs the enmity of Gawain and Agravin. 118
Erec is paralyzed by the Spring of the Virgin. 119
Erec defeats Sagremor, kills Yvain White-hands, and is attacked by Gawain. 120
Erec’s death. Hector and Meraugis take his body to Camelot. 121
Hector and Meraugis at court with Claudin and Arthur the Less. The latter three become Knights of the Round Table. 122
Arthur the Less and Meraugis, having learned who their fathers are, return to the quest with Hector. 123

Galahad voyages with Perceval and BohortEdit

Galahad voyages with Perceval and Bohort
Galahad and Tristan ride together and meet with Palamedes who borrows the shield of Hebes the Renowned. Tristan challenges Hebes. 504–507aα 124–126 VIII.IX.136–140
Tristan kills Hebes and fights Palamedes. Bliobleheris makes peace. Palamedes rescues Tristan at the Castle Lespar. Galahad rescues both Tristan and Palamedes. 507aβ–509 127 VIII.IX.141–155
Galahad at King Pelles’ castle. Galahad knocks down Pelles’ son Eliezer. 510a 128 VIII.IX.156–165 CXXaα
Galahad spends the night with a hermit. A maiden leads him to a castle by the sea. QG 63bα; Mal. XVII.1bβ–2aα 510bα B 394–396 VIII.X.166–167 CXXaα
Galahad cures a madwoman. 510bα B 397 VIII.X.169
Galahad and Bliobleheris slay Taulas of the Wilderness-land and his four cousins and then three other envious knights. Galahad heals a lady afflicted with leprosy. 510bβ–511bα B 398–408 VIII.X.170–179
Galahad and the maiden, who is Perceval’s sister, join Perceval and Bohort on the ship which is the Ship of Faith. Perceval’s sister relates its history and the history of Solomon’s Bed and the Sword of the Strange Straps. QG 63bβ–72; Mal. XVII.2aβ–7 511bβ–514 B 409–416 VIII.XI–XIII.208 CXXaβbα
Galahad, Perceval, and Bohort meet Caiaphas. B 417–421 VIII.XIII.209–210
The Companions liberate Carcelois Castle and witness the death of Count Ernol. QG 73; Mal. XVII.8–9aα 514abα B 422–431aα VIII.XIII.211–216 CXXbβ
A white stag changes into a man, and a priest explains its meaning. QG 74; Mal. XVII.9aβb 514bβ B 431aβ VIII.XIII.217–219
The leper woman is cured with blood from Perceval’s sister. who dies. QG 75; Mal. XVII.10–11 515aα B 431b–442 VIII.XIII.219–225 CXXaα
Perceval and Galahad witness divine punishment and decide to separate. QG 76; Mal. XVII.12 515aβb B 443–444 VIII.XIV.226–227 CXXaα

King Mark’s abduction of Yseult and his war against Arthur Edit

King Mark’s abduction of Yseult and his war against Arthur
King Mark abducts Yseult, invades Logres, and besieges King Arthur in Camelot. 516–518 B 445–452 IX.I CXXII
Combat of Arthur the Less and Palamedes. They meet Galahad. Galahad is overthrown by Guiglain. 519–521 B 453–460aα IX.II.6–11
Galahad frees the spirit of Simeon. QG 80bα; Mal. IX.16b 522a B 460aβ–462 IX.II.12
Defeat of King Mark by Galahad, Esclabor, and Arthur the Less. 522b–525 B 463–474 IX.II.13–21 CXXIIIa
King Mark fails in an attempt to poison Galahad. 526 B 475–484 IX.III.22–27
Galahad confounds the envy of Gawain and three of his brothers and other knights, then rides off with Hector and Meraugis. 527–528 B 485–495 IX.III.28–38
Galahad, Hector, and Meraugis at the Castle of Treachery. 530–531 B 496–509 IX.III.39–45

Beginning of the voyage of Lancelot. Tristan learns that Mark has abducted YseultEdit

Beginning of the voyage of Lancelot. Tristan learns from that Mark has abducted Yseult
Voyage of Lancelot in which he meets an old man. QG 77a; Mal. XVII.13a B 510–512
Tristan learns of Yseult’s abduction by King Mark and sorrows greatly. 533 B 513–515 IX.V CXXIIaβ

Final deeds and death of TristanEdit

Final deeds and death of Tristan
King Mark returns to Cornwall with only a few knights. He is satisfied to have gained Yseult. Tristan mourns. 534 V.138 VII.VI
Tristan meets Kay and Dodinel and transmits greetings to the Round Table. 535a V.139–140 VII.VII.51–53 CXXIIIbα
Tristan defeats an unknown knight. 535b V.141–142 VII.VII.54–56 CXXIIIbβ
Tristan meets a damsel carrying Morgain’s spear to King Mark. CXXIVaα
Tristan is hosted by Brehu. 536–538 V.143–153 VII.VII.57–67 CXXIVaβb
Tristan leaves Hector wounded in North Wales. 539–543 V.154–159 VII.VII.68–74 512–523aα CXXVa
Lancelot defeats Brehu and takes his armour. Tristan mistakenly battles Lancelot until they recognize each other. CXXVb–CXXVIa
Tristan takes Sagremor as his companion. 544 V.160 VII.VII.75 523aβb CXXVIb
Tristan is spotted by Andred and mortally wounded by King Mark using Morgain the Fay’s lance. 546a V.161 VII.VIII.76 524–525 CXVIIa
Mark allows the dying Tristan to see Yseult for the last time. He strangles her as he dies. 546b–549 V.162–167 VII.VIII.77–83 526–535 CXVIIb–CXXIX
Mark allows Tristan and Yseult are buried together. 550 V.168–170 VII.IX 536–541 CXXX–CXXXI

Lancelot and Hector at CorbenicEdit

Lancelot and Hector at Corbenic
Lancelot is joined in the ship by his son Galahad. QG 77bα; Mal. XVII.13b B 515b–517 VII.X.87–88
Galahad heals Mordrain. QG 80aα VII.X.89
Galahad extinguishes the flames from the body of Moses son of Simeon. B 577a VII.X.90
Galahad leaves Lancelot in the ship. QG 77bβ; Mal. XVII.13b–14a B 518. VII.X.91
Galahad defeats Count Bedoin aided by Perceval and Bohort. 552abα B 519–528 VII.XI.92–100
Galahad knights Samaliel son of Frollo. Samaliel plans to avenge is father’s death on King Arthur but will not do it when he has the chance to do so. 552bβ–557 B 529–538 VII.XI.101–107
Lancelot is delivered to Corbenic by the ship but, when he enters the chamber of the grail, he is rendered unconscious. QG 78a; Mal. XVII.14b–15 558aα B 539–542 VII.XII.101–110₄₃ CXVbβ
Lancelot is recovered by King Pelles and welcomed to dine at a grail banquet, but sees his brother Hector forbidden to enter the hall. QG 78b–79aα; Mal. XVII.16–17aα 558aα B 543–546bα VII.XII.110₄₄–112 CXVbβ
Hector finds Gawain and Gaheriet who have also been chased from Corbenic. 558aβb B 546bβ– VII.XII.113–115
Lancelot, Hector, and Gaheriet meet Palamedes who has an indecisive joust with Lancelot. 559 B 547–551 VII.XII.116–117
Galahad is lied to by Gawain that Palamedes has killed his kinsman Lionel. Galahad challenges Palamedes but agrees not to continue if Palamedes agrees to be Christened B 552–566
Palamedes is Christened and is made a Knight of the Round Table. 560 B 567–568 IX.XIII.118₁₋₂₂
Palamedes sets off on the grail quest. IX.XIII.118₂₃₋₅₅
Lancelot finds Bademagu’s tomb and learns that Gawain slew him. QG 79aβa

Adventures of Palamedes in the questEdit

Adventures of Palamedes in the quest
Palamedes defeats the Knight of the Spring and frees Gawain, Gaheriet, Bliobleheris, and Sagremor from prison. B 569aβ–576
Palamedes, Galahad, and Perceval drive the Questing Beast into a lake. B 581b–585bα.

The end of the Grail questEdit

The end of the Grail quest
Galahad heals the Maimed King at Corbenic. QG 8bβ–83bα; Mal. XVII.19–21aα 561–562 B 585bβ–294 VII.XIII.119–126₁₆ CXXIaβbα
Palamedes is killed by Gawain. Esclabor commits suicide. 563–566 B 595–602 VII.XIV
King Pellehan explains the Questing Beast, the Spring of Healing, and the Lady of the Chapel. B 603–617
The Grail is taken to Sarras. Deaths of Galahad and Perceval. QG 83bβ–85bα; Mal. XVII.21aβ–23a 567 B 618–624aα CXXIbβ
Sagremor returns to court and announces Tristan’s death. Great grief and sorrow. V.171–173 VIII.XVI; TrP 542–543
Return of Bohort to Camelot. QG 85bβ; Mal. XVII.23b 568–570 B 624b–626 VIII.XVII CXXIbβ

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