Ymddidan Arthur a’r Eryr (‘The Colloquy of Arthur and the Eagle’) is an early Welsh poem, as indicated by its setting Arthur in Cornwall, as do the stories Culhwch and Olwen and the Dream of Rhonabwy.

Arthur sees an eagle sitting on the top of a tree. Arthur requests information from the eagle on his identity, noting that real eagles are not tame. The eagle, after twice only revealing that Arthur has seen him before, finally announces that he, the eagle, is Eliwlat [sic], son of Madawc son of Uthyr.

Arthur protests that the son of Madawc is dead. The eagle responds that deception is a sin. The rest of the poem is some doubts expressed by Arthur that the eagle is really Eliwlod, and questions about behavior pleasing to God, to which Eliwlod gives conventional answers.


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